Welcome to Rasberry Havanese‚Äč

Who We Are

At Rasberry Havanese we are devoted to breeding CKC/UKC registered Havanese to people who are truly in love and invested in the breed. We are a small Calgary, AB based kennel with our original breeding dogs coming from Jomaran's Havanese. We currently have two breeding females and one stud with plans to eventually expand.

Our dogs are bred and kept in a family environment with other pets and socialized as members of our family under the loving care of a certified professional dog trainer with over 15 years experience with the breed.

If you are interested in dog training services please go HERE

**Please Note** Due to our extensive wait list we would like to make new applicants aware that although we are accepting new applications it is unlikely we will be able to provide a puppy for some time - it will depend on individuals preferences and patience**

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