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Our Dogs

Yogi - Jomarans Felix 2nd

DOB: August 10/2015

Yogi is a proud little stud who can't go anywhere without prancing, he weighs about 12lbs and has a semi-curly black and tan coat. Felix is the epitome of a lapdog but exudes confidence and loves his devoted caregivers. Yogi is kept off-site to ensure a stress free environment but is available for meet and greets should potential buyers be interested in meeting him.

Ruby - Jomarans Ruby 3rd

DOB: August 14/2017

Ruby is a "Parti" coated semi-curly girl who is very confident, playful and affectionate. She loves nothing more than being with her "people" and is incredibly friendly and brave. Ruby weighs about 11lbs and has shown herself to be a protective and wonderful mother.

Halle - Jomarans Halle I

DOB: March 31/2016

Halle is a sable coloured female, and is very small at only about 7lbs. She is a relatively quiet girl but is incredibly friendly and eager to please. Halle is an absolute sweetheart who is completely devoted to her puppies and her human family.

Romeo - Rasberry's Romeo I

DOB: June 20/2020

Romeo is a "Irish Pied" colored male is the newest addition to the Rasberry clan. He comes all the way from Eastern Europe and is an intelligent, funny little guy with the most gorgeous soft, silky coat. He currently weighs about 9lbs. 

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